/// INFO: Packers, STPs, and Prosthetics

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/// INFO: Packers, STPs, and Prosthetics

There is a lot of lingo surrounding products that can be confusing sometimes. Terms for things the community has developed that stand for specific items and their specific functions.

A Packer, is a word that means one thing and one thing only... A soft/squishy device used to 'pack' the front of your pants to allow for the look and feel of a flaccid penis. 

An STP Device (Stand to Pee), is a funneling tool to allow you to stand and pee without the urine going all over you and your legs and underwear and floor.

A Sexual Prosthetic, sometimes deferred to as a dong or dildo in the sex toy industry. In our community, to avoid any dysphoria or disassociation with products we need, we call them prosthetics. Prosthetic can be a catch all term for anything so sometimes there's a defining word before it. Such as Sexual Prosthetic, Packing Prosthetic, etc.

Why am I defining these words? 

Companies that specialize in designing and producing prosthetics for multiple purposes have excelled in some areas. Items can now be called things like "Pack-And-Play" or "Pack-And-Pee" or 4-in-1. Meaning one product can perform multiple functions, serving as a packer AND stand to pee device.

If an item is only listed as one, or called what it is without a combination, it's not meant to serve another function.

For example, the STP Device we sell by Packer Gear (I know the name is misleading) is for standing and peeing. Packing with this item would be uncomfortable, I wouldn't recommend it for all day or extended wear inside of boxers. 

Another example, a packer should never be considered or used for sex. It's too soft, not the right material, etc. 

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