/// REVIEW: The Jackits 'MANsturbation Stroker'

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/// REVIEW: The Jackits 'MANsturbation Stroker'

Screaming O is a manufacturing company responsible for a variety of men's masturbation devices. Their line of Jackits include a pad, sleeve, and stroker.

In true HeartOnToys fashion we wanted to have them in our hands to assess their abilities with multiple anatomies.

screaming O jacket's stroker review image
In the images their purchasing page offered, the stroker seems to be about the size of the Buck-Off or FTM Stroker by Packer Gear.

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However, when I got the package it super wasn't.


Jackits stroker review by heartontoys

In my hands: It's covered in a nice dusting that makes it not sticky as it comes out of the package.

It's big enough to fold in on itself, and lay flat on the table.

It's incredibly soft.

Recommendations and Notes: I've moved this item to The Deep End. A category on the site for cis-guys or post-op trans men (Or trans women!) as the girth and depth are just too much to get through to get it to work for me (post-HRT trans man with about 1.5" [2" on a good day] of growth). 


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