/// FAQs: How do I pick the best Sexual Prosthetic for me?

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/// FAQs: How do I pick the best Sexual Prosthetic for me?

There are a few things to consider when purchasing your sexual prosthetics. Cruising the sex toy shops can be a bit overwhelming when it comes to knowing which one is going to be best for yourself and your partner.

While partners of cisgender (non-trans) guys don't typically get too much of a say in the size and width of their partners anatomy... We have a unique chance to consider the needs of the person receiving our new prosthetic. I'd recommend, if you're comfortable, getting an approximate length suggestion from them before you start shopping. Also consider that you can have more than one. 

All that being said, here at HeartOnToys we offer sexual prosthetics from 5" - 12", in a few different designs, and a few different functions. Lets get started!


comparison photos of two penile prosthetics

Simply put, the design of the prosthetic boils down to with or without balls. Here at HeartOn we call them "Realistic" if they've got testicles and "Pro" if they're just the shaft.

Most of our designs are detailed with skin-like textures and veins since we consider them prosthetics. There is an area on the site though, that will bring up 'probes' or erection devices that don't look human at all. 

Pro Designs
Realistic Designs


There are three numbers that will be listed on all of our sexual prosthetics- Length, Insertable Length, and Width.

Length is the size of the entire prosthetic and is going to differ based on the design (above) that you choose. Realistic prosthetics will have a bigger gap between the length and the insertable length because there will be room at the base for the balls and the suction cup or harness bulb. You may find a 9" realistic prosthetic with a 7" insertable length. This means that 2" of material are between you and your partner in the form of the testicles. 

Insertable Length is the size of the shaft that will be able to penetrate your partner. This is the number that you can grab from your partner to see what size they're okay with. An average erect natal penis is approximately 6" - 6.5"

Width is probably the most important part of the measurements. Insertable length can be corrected is it's too large by only penetrating shallowly. Width is what makes the girth of the penis and can cause pain in your partner if it's too large too soon, or too large period. 

Think of the Width as the Diameter of the shaft. The average natal penis is 4.5" circumference when erect, which is a width of 1.5"

Measuring up

Natal Averages
Length - 6.5"
Insertable Length - 6/6.5"
Width - 1.5"


Now that we've got our design and sizing down the next important factor is the density of the prosthetic. Meaning when you squeeze or press it, how does it feel? - This will also impact the 'floppiness' of the model. 

Our dual-density models here at the shop are made from a layering process that causes the core of the prosthetic to be firmer than the outer 'skin' and 'tissue'. This gives it a natural give that can be pinched.

If the model doesn't say dual-density or mention details of natural movement and feel then it's created all from the same material and will be firmer in density. 

Note: Those made of cyberskin, UR3, and dual-density layering are more porous that the solid materials and specific lubes and care should be taken to not have bacterial build up. 

Dual-Density Designs


The features, or the fun additions of prosthetic models are growing in the industry. Here are a few we have here:


Uncut / Uncircumcised 


Prosthetics with moveable foreskin.

Uncut Features



Squirting (Or ejaculating)


Hallow shafts with a pump that, when squeezed, releases a stream of premium synthetic ejaculant. 

Squirt Features


Remote Humming


Hummers! Or vibrational devics built into the shaft of the prosthetic to provide both you and your partner additional sensation. These come in wireless and wired remotes with multiple vibrational features.
Humming Prosthetics





A new product on the market, the UpRize is an auto erection device that goes from bent and flaccid to upright and erect with a remote. Also available in pump-up models that become erect with air. 

The UpRize Model


In closing:

Our selection of prosthetics increases almost daily as we work to include models from multiple sources. If you've got the budget to look for more expensive solutions to sexual devices we recommend googling these companies:

FreeTom Prosthetics
NY Toy Collective
Peacock Prosthetics

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