/// REVIEW: Packer Gear STP (Stand-to-Pee) Device

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/// REVIEW: Packer Gear STP (Stand-to-Pee) Device

As a sample for Heart On Toys I ordered the Beige Stand-to-Pee (STP) device by Packer Gear

Packer Gear is a brand from the manufacturer CalExotics that has increased their products designed for Trans Men recently to include STPs, strokers, packers, and harness boxers/briefs. (Here's their full collection so far).


review images for the packer gear stop device


In my experience with STP devices I've seen a range of models. I've mastered DIY creations, Mr Fenis, The Real EZP, Jimmy, Peacock, FreeTom 4-in-1, and Go-Girl and She-Wizz models. Being able to stand and pee with a device is something that, no matter the brand or design, takes practice and research into the best one for you.

In my hands: The PG STP is soft and pliable. It's much like the Mr Fenis but with a closer attention to the shape and size, and vein detailing of a natal penis. The coloring (Beige) is close to my skin tone on my thigh. 

The balls act as a funneling device to catch urine and direct it away from the body through the shaft. The shaft is entirely hallow to allow fast moving streams to flow out the hole at the tip. 

For use: It is very important, with a 2.5" receptacle to practice at home and be patient with yourself. The 'fast pee' that you're used to delivering to an open toilet is not going to behave the same when it comes to being funneled through a device. This model however, has a big enough tube and hole to allow for more of a stream than most.

Recommendations: Given it's price point, I would recommend this product to anyone just starting or learning to stand and pee with a device. Some of the more advanced models created by prosthetic companies/artist are worth the investment, but not if you don't know that you can use one successfully.

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