/// REVIEW: The Buck-Off Vs The Kiss-X

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/// REVIEW: The Buck-Off Vs The Kiss-X

I can't help but want to say the "fuck off" verses the "kiss ass"... Anyone else?

Intro: Here in front of me are two items designed by FTM Adult Entertainment Personality Buck Angel. Buck teamed up with Perfect Fit Brand to introduce a line of sex toys made specifically for Trans Men.

The Buck-Off (Came out first) and the Kiss-X (which came out in response to the size of the Buck-Off) are both what is considered a stroker.

Strokers and Sleeves are masturbation tools for 'sticky-outy anatomy' or dicks... Or large clitorises.. Or Mike and Ikes... However you name and identify yours.
Sleeves: are bottomless strokers.
buck-off and kiss-x review
In my hands: Both strokers are made of the same soft, matte black material. The differences can be seen better in photos, but the size of the two are what stands out. The Buck-Off has a flared base and an opening that fits my thumb with some additional room.

The Kiss-X has a tighter entrance and fits my pinky snug.

Both items have ribbed features inside to create sensation while masturbating.

They're both soft and squishy enough to be turned completely inside out for better care (washing afterwards).

How to use them: I've found the most success when I have an erection, and I'm up on my knees with my legs apart. This position makes my anatomy the longest. I've been on Hormones for over 10 years and faced some atrophy along the way so these days I'm sitting at about 1.5/2 inches while erect.

The Buck-Off feels completely different than the Kiss-X. The Buck-Off is able to be pinches and squished and rolled or rotated and I feel like I have some control over the pressure and sensation. 

The Kiss-X had to be opened with my thumbs and closed around my dick. I thought that this would allow me to really feel the ribbed inside, much like strokers for cis men. However, it seemed that my dick just moved up and down with the device rather than inside of it. 

I found that spinning it felt great though!

With practice I could get off with both devices. The most common complaint being that they're two big for the average growth. I think considering the entrance to the device as what I'd be using I can see it working. If I thought I needed to fit inside the entire thing I would be disappointed in my size.

Recommendations and notes: If you're typically a Hummer kind of guy it will take a bit of practice getting used to something that's exclusively manual. 

Size guides, I'd say that unless you've got 2.5-4 inches in length, don't expect to fit all the way inside and use it like a fleshlight or cis-strokers. Just enjoy the entry hole and ribs and don't be afraid to mold it how you want it in your hands.


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