/// REVIEW: The Duel-Stimulator Prosthetic with Potential

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/// REVIEW: The Duel-Stimulator Prosthetic with Potential

Pre-Sample thoughts: "I'm sorry the what is that called?" - When I was searching the sex toy industry world for products with the potential to enhance the lives of my clients (specifically, this time, the Trans Masculine guys) I was introduced to The Mangina by Doc Johnson.

The name is bold and problematic, but I ordered a sample to see if the opening at the base would allow for stimulation to both parties. I'm in the market for a low-cost but reliable option for making bedroom time more fun for everyone involved.

the mangina - shaft review image

When I got it in my hands: It's notably lighter in weight than I'm used to for a sexual prosthetic. The texture material is so soft it feels like it's nothing. Squeezing it I can feel the internal set up they've got going on here.




base of the mangina reviewThe head and the top 2/3s of this model are stiffer than the base. The bottom, or 1/3 toward the bottom is hallow inside.

the base and entry point of the manginaAt the base there is a vertical channel and a centered hole. It is inside this hole that my recommendation starts to form - Into the hole and to it's deepest point inside the shaft is about 4-5 inches.

The ribbed inside of the manginaThe ribbing and texture inside is exciting (I instantly wanted to put my whole finger inside and make stroking motions. I could imagine what it would feel like full of lube and during sex).


Pre-Bedroom check out: My main concern was whether, based on it's shape, that it would be harness compatible. I used a Standard Harness and a 1.5" O-Ring and threaded the prosthetic in from head to base. The base being bigger in circumference allowed for it to stay in the harness.

I applied lube to the area facing me now, and stretched the hole open and down around my dick (I'm a Trans Man, 10 years on HRT, 1.5" growth). It was tighter than I'd prefer (The very beginning of the opening) when it was on target, and easily slipped off if I moved. 

The shaft was floppy because the harness sat on the hallow part.

During Sex: Penetration for my partner (Cis-Female) was possible, it wasn't too soft to do that. But I was unable to be in full control of my strokes because of the floppiness the hallow bottom was creating with my harness. The base, unfortunately, didn't feel like a stroker or anything too exciting to me during. I think because the harness was holding it to my body tight there was no room for it to move against me.

Suggestions: Less than halfway into using this my partner suggested putting a bullet hummer in the hallow-ness of the piece. This changed everything. The base was still too soft to stroke me but I felt the sensation of the hummer and was able to get off.

Now, every one of these we've sold comes standard with a bullet hummer.

Who I'd recommend this product to: I have spoken with many guy who are post-phalloplasty. In some cases their erection tools are limited and I believe that the hallow area would work toward stimulating them and providing a penetration tool.

A modification suggestion for the marinaModifications: If you're willing to cut something you spent money on there is a point on the bottom of the shaft that, if the rest of it was removed, would turn this prosthetic into a better stroker for Trans Men with Pre to 2" growth. 












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