Sexual Prosthetics

These erect, penile prosthetics are for sexual actives where more length is either required or pleasant. They can be helpful in visualizing phantom limbs. They can easily be removed and cleaned.

And they come in a spectrum of options to consider.


Pro | A realistic molding excluding the scrotum and balls

Realistic | A realistic molding including the scrotum and balls


Duel-Density | This means that the toy is made with a process that allows the outer later to move like skin. In contrast, non-duel-density models will have a solid but giving texture and appear to be made of the same material all the way through.

Uncut | Uncircumcised 

Squirt | This type includes directions for use - A pump system releases an ejaculation fluid.


Most models available in Beige, Tan, Brown, & Black regardless of featured image.