The Deep End [3"+]

Que Cheesy 80s-Porn style Humor-
"It's safe to say these toys will go 'over your head' beyond the 3" range" or or wait- "We're going to need a bigger boat!"


Each device has unique features setting it apart from the next, some cause suction, some are hummers in various positions, and some are larger or smaller than another - but it's important to know that the intended user for these items are those that have had a Phalloplasty or folks that were Assigned Male at Birth (AMAB).

(All of our items are carefully cultivated for the intended use of a Man, that includes many different types & stages, shaped, and sized bodies site-wide. These items were picked out as suggestions for guys we've helped with their personal care after healing).


Length: When you're searching for the right fit, 'insertable length' is now the depth of the hole (unless it's bottomless) and 'length' is the length of the entire device. 

Width: To find / measure your circumference, wrap a string around your shaft once and hold your fingers on the string where the edge mets, then measure the string with a ruler to the point of your finger. Divid that number by 3.14 and you'll find the diameter of your penis. 

These can be helpful tools when figuring out which item to purchase. If you have any questions, email me at

---Inside this Collection---

Cock Rings
Erection Enhancers
Strokers + Hummers