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Who Are You? HeartOnToys
You won't believe how many people I watch suddenly understand the cleverness by saying the words out loud all at once.
(For the sleepy folk- It sounds like 'Hard On').
What do you do?
We are currently doing Market Research on products available for the Trans-Masc Community in the areas of sexual fulfillment and prosthetic needs. 
Our Best Selling item is a Pump System designed as a "Just the Tip" pump for cisgender (non-trans) bodies. After so many positive reviews on the item for it's size, we can't help but see an opportunity for inclusion.
What additional needs?
In addition to sexual fulfillment, Trans-Masc bodies need daily comfort, and products that provide safety when using public restrooms. That's why we're so much more than Adult Entertainment; We're medically necessary too. 
I'm interested in talking with you about your thoughts on my prototypes and I'll be giving a demo on them March 22nd (The Saturday) at the Keystone Conference in Harrisburg, PA. 
Connections have been made to have our upcoming product line covered by medical insurance.
What is currently marketed toward Trans Men?
Little to nothing. It is the ultimate goal of HeartOnToys, to design with our bodies in mind. Our upcoming lines are unique, and we hope they inspire a Market to form. 
But if you're interested in jumping on board....
+ Reviews of items we are currently selling are vital to the Research being done here. If you'd like to leave a review of an item, contact me at Jason@ftmmagazine.com 

+ If you want to become someone who reviews consistently, also email me, but tell me that too.
+ Just Email me
Want More than More?
I'm releasing photos in FTM Magazine |Spring 2019 
Note: Remember that we don't manufacture any of the items we are currently selling on this site at this time. We are using a drop-shipment warehouse to assess and review a wide variety of items made for a wide variety of styles.
The items in our store have been selected by choice for their potential to be used with our bodies.