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Perfect Fit Harness


Jock Armour is a combination Jock Strap/Cock Ring hybrid gear that defies categorization. The high quality elastic Jock Strap snaps on to a contoured body fit cock ring that fits like a glove, and pushes your gear out entirely from your body. Wear it under a tight pair of jeans for an even bigger and thicker looking package. The core of this new jock is the cock ring which is an integrated part of the jockstrap. Jock Armour delivers all day comfort and features a perineum bulb at the base for that extra surprise jolt of pleasure! Jock Armour features striking etched details which adds to the overall sexiness of the jock.

Fits FUN BOY by Buck Angel perfectly.

Small - 28/30
Medium - 31/33
Large - 34/36
XLarge - 37/39